AP93L is suitable only for crimping perfume bottles of FEA diameters 11,13,15,17,18, 20mm. AP79L is suitable both for FEA heads diameters and also aerosol 1" valves, so if you have a production of both (perfume and aerosol), this is the manual machine suitable for you. Please keep in mind that AP79L crimps 1” valves internally and only prior to the gas filling.
Coven crimping heads are interchangeable on all our crimping machines.
APM98 is a manual crimping tool suitable for crimping samples only, it is not suitable for a proper production.
APM98 is not adjustable and not suitable for each shape of bottle, sometimes the geometry of a bottle, such as low neck, makes it difficult to crimp. Also, there is a spring crimping the bottle, not a jaw like in a real crimping head, so we cannot guarantee the tightening of the crimping under the vacuum test.
Diameters available: 13,15,17,18,20mm.
You need to purchase one tool for each diameter you need.

SV80 is a pneumatic decrimping machine we designed for aerosol valves removing.
This machine is always successful on aerosol cans and the price includes two types of jaws so that you can use each of them according to the valve type you need to decrimp.
Perfume manufactures asked us later to adapt it to perfume bottles decrimping. We did but unfortunately there are some limits to consider. When you decrimp perfumes you may get the following results:

  • good decrimping , you can re use the bottle, the neck is not damaged , the pump is fully removed.
  • partial decrimping due to the pump body material (usually plastic). the main body will be decrimped, the ring will stay on the neck to be removed by hand.
  • the neck is broken due to a tight decrimping, the pump is not removed

So in case you need this machine for glass also, please send us samples for an evaluation.

No, this is not possible, you'll need one crimping head per each pump diameter.

We manufacture 2 types of filling machines: VACUUM machines and VOLUMETRIC machines. DV98 is a vacuum filling machine. The bottles are filled till the base of the neck and the excess liquid falls back into the glass bottle, you can fill 2 bottles at the time, but you cannot regulate the capacity to fill prior to the filling. So it does not matter the capacity you need to fill as this machine will fill until the liquid touches the end of the nozzle and the vacuum is interrupted; you can regulate the level of the liquid inside a bottle, simply moving the rubbers up and down the nozzles, the more the rubber is up onto the nozzle the more the nozzle will go into the bottle and the level will be lower and vice versa. If you need a filling machine assuring you the capacity precision, you need to consider a Volumetric machine, such as DVO98.