Automatic perfume packaging line LA1

Automatic perfume filling and crimping line LA1 is the perfect and compact solution for an intense production.
The set-up of the machine can be custom made on each client’s needs, so different stations can be mounted on the machine depending on the different packaging needs. A transport belt of various length options, takes the bottles into a star wheel, where bottle cleaning, filling, pre crimping, crimping and collar pressing operations are performed. From the OP panel on the side of the machines all the operations are controlled.


  • Bottle cleaning nozzle
  • N°3 volumetric filling pistons
  • Vacuum levelling nozzle
  • Automatic pump fitting device
  • Pneumatic pre-crimping device
  • Pneumatic crimping device
  • Automatic collar fitting device
  • N°2 set of adjustable pucks for regular bottle shapes
  • Incoming/out coming conveyor belt


  • Screw tightening station for screw pumps
  • Automatic vibrating pump and collar sorters (linear and circular)
  • Manipulator “Pick and Place” device for automatic bottle charging / discharging
  • External unit placed on transport belt for additional operations such as cap pressing
  • Perfume Tank 30 liters
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